I was never one for playing practical jokes or pranks on people. All the family talent in that arena was reserved for my brother’s family. Dick and Carleen were a barrel of laughs in their early life together. Here is a story about their daughter, Dawn on one April Fool’s Day when she was a little girl.

Very late the night before April 1st, Dawn waited patiently until her parents and little brothers and sister were sound asleep. Then she sneaked out of her bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen.

She started by filling her mom’s sugar bowl with salt; she knew that coffee with sugar was her mom’s go-to first thing in the morning.

Dawn then slipped into her dad’s bathroom and stretched saran wrap over the toilet bowl; she also knew her dad’s first stop in the morning!

Next, she tip-toed into her little brothers’ and sisters’ rooms where she drew all over their faces with a magic marker.

She finished her April Fool’s masterpiece by making a bed of coats in the front closet. There she lay down, covered up, and fell fast asleep for the night.

The next morning, Dawn was awakened by the frantic yelps (and a little colorful language) from the rest of the family as they discovered her handiwork AND discovered that she was not in her bed!

That day Dawn became the queen of practical jokes and the feature story in family prank history!

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