You came sneaking into my world entirely unexpected
You took me by surprise, awakening me to emotions brand new and as old as time
You brought with you so many things to teach me about you, about the world we live in … about me

Sounds like true love, right?

You slipped into my heart and nestled there with complete comfort
You altered my perspective, improved my view
You came bounding into my day planner and crashing into my checkbook with your sweet demands

Sounds just like true love, I say!

You slid down that heavenly gumball shoot
Totally arbitrarily and completely on purpose
And plopped down right smack dab into the middle of my family

And now …
When you cry, we come running
When you giggle, we giggle more
When your eyes sparkle, we melt

When you are frightened, we scoop you up and hold you near
When you are hungry, we stop in our tracks to hold your bottle
When you are sick, we stay up all night soothing your brow

What are socks to you, are thumb-warmers to us
What is play time to you, is the middle of the night to us
And what is ordinary to you, is amazing to us

When we hold you we pray
That God will keep you in the palm of his hand
That you will grow strong into a soldier of God

When we hold you we pray
That when troubles come your way
We can be your soft place to land

We hadn’t planned it for this time
We hadn’t imagined in it this way
But here you are anyway

Precisely as God intended
No accidents
No coincidence

Just exactly as Destiny with a capital “D”
And Providence with a capital “P”
Ordained your arrival since the dawn of time

So here you are and here is my heart
My littlest Valentine
On your first Valentine’s Day

Love you forever Christian,
Your Grandma YaYa

February 14, 2012

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